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Adult Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

Adult Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

It is important to feel comfortable when you talk. We work with people who wish to craft a voice that they feel represents their most authentic self.

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy for Adults

Gender affirming voice therapy involves working on your voice and how you overall communicate with others. We can work with you to explore how your voice and communication can represent you and how you express yourself in a way that is affirming to you. We also consider overall vocal health from a holistic standpoint, which is important for anyone using their voices in new ways.

The following are some components we can address to help you achieve your ideal voice:

  • pitch, or highness and lowness of the voice
  • intonation, or the rise and fall of pitch in your speech to create a vocal pattern
  • resonance, or how your voice sounds
  • rhythm of speech
  • rate of speech
  • volume of speech
  • nonverbal communication, such facial expressions, and gestures
  • language, or the words you use
  • speech sound production, or how you enunciate words
  • pragmatics, or the social rules of communication, such as how to adjust your voice for different situations, how to express different emotions, and how to express yourself across different languages and cultural situations

It can take some time to change your voice and the way you talk with others. It is important to us to help you find your authentic voice that is affirming to your gender.

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